A. Ya. Kipnis - Publications in history of chemistry


[Nos. 1-22 and 24-26 in Russian]

AbbreviationsProc. - Труды Института Истории естествознания и техники АН СССР

(Proceedings of the Institution for History of Science and Technology of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR);

Probl. - Вопросыисторииестествознанияитехники (Problems in History of Science and Technology, Moscow).

1. Dmitri Abashev and his work on solutions. - Proc., 1956, vol. 12, p. 55-72.

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3. A centenary of research in fluid solutions: D. Abashev's contribution. - Russian Journal of.

Physical Chemistry, 1958, vol.32 No 3, p.730-733

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5. Some Russian works on thermodynamics of phase equilibrium. -Russian Journal of

Physical Chemistry, 1959, vol. 33, No. 10, p. 2383-2386.

6. Gibbs's thermodynamic theory and the history of chemical thermodynamics in Russia. -

VI11th Mendeleev Congress. Moscow, 1959. Reports abstracts No. 17, p. 51-53.

7. A contribution to the history of chemical thermodynamics in Russia. - Probl., 1960, No. 9,

p. 125-128.

8. Origins and the early period of arising of chemical thermodynamics. - Proc. 1960, vol. 30,

p. 344-350.

9. A. A. Yakovkin - a centenary. (With Yu. I. Solovjev). - Probl., 1960, No. 11, p-


10. The origin of chemical thermodynamics: a historical outline. - Proc. 1961, vol. 31, p-


11. Michael V. Lomonosov's concepts on chemical affinity- - In: ЛомоносовСбстатейи

материалов. V (Lomonosov: Papers to his 250th birthday). - Moscow-Leningrad,

Academy of Sciences of the USSR, 1961, p. 165-173.

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13. A contribution to the history of the equation of state for the ideal gas. - Ibidem, p- 91-94.

14 N. M. Vittorff, a Russian physical chemist. (With S. A. Pogodin)- In: Очеркипо

историихимии(Essays on History of Chemistry), Moscow, Academy of Sciences of

the USSR, 1963, p. 274-291.

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историифизическойхимии(Essays on history of physical chemistry). -Moscow,

Nauka Press, 1964, p. 227-280.

19. On searches for new aspects of thermodynamics at the beginning of the 20th century: The unpublished V. A. Michelson's manuscript 'On energies of higher order'. - Ргоbl., 1965,

No. 18, p. 119-123.

20. A contribution to the history of the methods of chemical thermodynamics.- Probl., 1969,

No. 27, p. 32-36.

21. The heat theorem in the history of chemical thermodynamics. - Probl., 1976, No. 4(53),

p. 42-47.

22. Chemical Thermodynamics. Chapter II in the collective monograph: Всеобщаяистория

химии. История учения о химическом процессе. (General History of Chemistry.

History of theory of chemical processes). - Moscow, Nauka Press, 1981, p. 57-118,


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physics of XIX-XXth centuries. - Moscow, Nauka Press, 1985, p. 140-157.

25. Johannes Diderik Van der Waals: a scientific biography. (With B. E. Yavelov).

Leningrad, Nauka Press, 1985. 310 p.

26. A contribution to the history of molecular physics: A. I. Nadezhdin (1858-1886). In:

Исследованияпоисториифизикиимеханики1990 (Studies on history of physics

and mechanics 1990). Moscow, Nauka Press, 1990, p.5-36.

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28. August Horstmann (1842-1929): Eine große Ubergangsfigur in der Geschichte der

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Chemical Thermodynamics, Delft University Press, 2001, p. 212-242. See here .

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